Your vehicle’s value, for the purposes of this tax, was set by the state legislature, and is not based on the fair market value. A lot of wrong answers here…. 10.2% is the highest possible tax rate (98155, Seattle, Washington) The average combined rate of every zip code in Seattle, Washington is 9.704%. 10%, 10.1% are all the other possible sales tax rates of Seattle area. Washington has state also allows local governments to collect a local option sales tax of up to 4.00%. The legislation for the car tab increase to pay for improved transit service expires on December 31, 2020. The rates are: ... distributed to King County for bonds or related design and preconstruction costs for a professional baseball stadium in Seattle. How do I pay the tax? Effective July 1, 2003, all retail sales, leases and transfers of motor vehicles are subject to the additional sales tax (or use tax) of three-tenths of one percent (0.3%). Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids Washington State Tax Exemptions Find out if you qualify for an exemption. What is the motor vehicle sales/use tax? Note: The King County Stadium Tax expired October 1, 2011. The rental car tax is in addition to the retail sales tax. As part of Mayor Durkan's initial recovery package to ease the financial impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, the City of Seattle is offering relief to small businesses by extending the B&O tax … The JumpStart Tax is a blow to Amazon, which fought the passage of a so-called head tax in 2018 via a well-financed referendum campaign alongside other Seattle businesses. ALERT: Updated November 18, 2020 - Tax Filing Extension for Small Businesses. A Department of Licensing spokesperson said car owners in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties will continue to pay the Sound Transit RTA tax until March 31, 2020. The tax is collected by the vendor at the time of purchase and submitted by the vendor on the excise tax return. The laws that set the value of the vehicle are RCW 81.100.060 and RCW 82.44.041. Vehicle and Vessel Licensing Service Changes due to COVID-19 Outbreak The King County Licensing Office, located in the King County Administration Building in downtown Seattle, is currently closed for walk-in service. If you lease a car, you pay tax where you live regardless of where you got it from. In WA you pay the sales tax WHERE YOU BUY THE CAR FROM. The RTA tax is an excise tax of 0.3%, which means it is calculated based on the value of your vehicle. So take my word as I sell cars IN WASHINGTON STATE. Skip to main content For full functionality of our online services (like tab renewal, address change, renew your professional license, etc. The 2021 Washington state sales tax rate of 6.5%, plus a 0.3% "motor vehicle sales / lease tax", the state tax levied on the purchase or lease of all vehicles is 6.8%. Register your vehicle or boat in Washington, update or replace your title, get or renew a disabled parking permit, and learn about prorate and fuel tax licenses. Find out how to get a refund on certain vehicle and boat fees. This program is available to Seattle's households at or below 70% of the median State household income, who have cars registered in the City of Seattle, and have a car tab renewal date of June 1, 2015 or later. The Pierce County sales tax rate is 1.4%. Excise tax of 3.25% for a new vehicle; for used cars, $20 on the 1st $1,500 of value + 3.25% of the remainder; $10 lien processing fee Oregon $122-$306 (two years); for new cars, $268.50-$636.50