Also you could render it and soak bread cubes in it for the birds. Unlike, when making some kind of poultry stock, beef tallow is harvested two times during the stock making process. Despite all their different names – the process is the same no matter what fat you use. They were going to toss it in the dumpster! Thanks in advance for your help! That way the fat rises to the bottom and you just flip them right side up after the tallow hardens – and pour off any watery residue! I did save the fat from chickens and render it when I had enough. The only vegetable source of MCFA is coconut oil (unrefined). And btw, you haven’t proven anything, so you can’t say ‘I prove my case’. What is the ratio of actual lard you would get from the tallow? So, when re-rendering comes time, I just place the carafes on the heater and pour into the rendering pot. The blood bits perhaps? Really unpleasant. Soon the hot oil began to appear and the chunks began to float and I got out the potato masher and pressed the oil and steam out of the chunks. Stir it around every 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure- but I’d probably lean towards render just one kind at a time. The lower the better! PS the lack of these also affects your vision, skin, hair, nails etc. Do you know if the Tallow will still last very long or go bad faster? lol. I don’t think it was grass fed, but I’m so glad we’ve got the option of grass fed now—though hard to find (it used to be the norm ages ago). There is definately a lot to learn about this issue. Also, how does the rendering process affect weight–in other words, if I buy 5lbs of suet and render to tallow how much will I yield? Just a theory, because they never have it for sale whereas they just about always have pork fat. When I popped the tallow out of the bowl as some other posters have suggested, there was still liquid attached to the bottom. Yes! Rendered beef or sheep fat is called tallow. It has no burned or off smell. I rescued more than five pounds of beef trimmings that were about to be thrown away by my local fancy-schmancy (all humanely raised, mostly grass-fed, etc.) MIne was a beef raised for butcher – no hormones or antibiotics but was most likely finished out with corn before slaughter. I’m learning so much. Is that bad? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As in, I tossed chucks back in the crock pot and put it in the cold room until ‘later, when I have time’. Just rendered two jars of tallow! Suet cakes for the birds have to stand up to the weather. Hi, I rendered some tallow the other day and it does not solidify.. Kind of separates with an oil on top and fatty substance on the bottom, but is all liquid… I read somewhere that maybe the heat was not high enough. The Prairie Homestead has a good tutorial on rendering tallow. When I need to use some, I can take out chunks, breaking them smaller if needed. 2. I just rendered 20 pounds of tallow over the weekend. I do this when I make butter, since the ice cubes are each 2 Tblspoons- nice for using in recipes or for sauteing or frying. This time it came out just as crumbly and almost like soft butter at room temperature. I let it cool uncovered, on the stovetop for a couple of hours & then refrigerate covered, overnight. Do you cook it inside of your house? Of that 5 pounds, I removed another 1 pound of fat that contained meat that I considered to difficult to separate from the fat. I didn’t chop or grind it, just tossed it in my roaster oven and stirred occasionally. Enjoy! Brilliant! parchment paper? Would love to know how to make shampoo bars ! ideas? I learned this researching how keto worked on a physiological level, before it was a fad diet. Serena Styles is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food. How free of meat must the fat be when rendering it in the pot? I’ve been crisping them in a pan, salting, and eating as a snack. there is a little island of beef in a pool of fat. I just knocked out a batch last night. First time I got two pounds at a local butcher, thinking candles and birdseed cakes. I am wondering if that had something to do with it. The winter issue of Wise Traditions contains a wonderful article on making skin creme from beef or sheep tallow and Radiant Life sells a soothing tallow body balm. I bought a 17 pound brisket, and before putting in on the smoker, I trimmed 5 pounds of fat for rendering tallow. 4. Lastly, the “floaties” on top are called “cracklins”. If you are butchering yourself, you’ll find the leaf fat in a big mass around the kidneys. Definitely low- I think high would scald it. Not sure I dare make anything else with this in case I ruin the food I put into it. Thank you so much, Yes– I believe it would. Ok..I have a question..I went through the responses and comments and didn’t see…Im new to all this. Should I have cooked longer? Is this right? Fry the sliced potatoes in small batches– it usually takes around 10 minutes per batch- depending on how crispy you want them. I suppose I could have saved the […], […] and lard from the pig underbelly is good for baking. . Simply put, tallow is a form of beef fat that can be used for a variety of different products ranging from soaps to body butters. is it a waste of time to render the regular beef fat, or will we still gain some nutrition from it? Thank you for the way to clean tallow once used. I can’t vouch for the flavor, but it should be ok. . Jill – I just LOVE you! YES! Rendered the tallow last night – kinda messy fun – and it is beautiful! To help you understand why I say that… my family and I are missionaries in Honduras. Does it need to be processed (pressure cooker or water canner) to be shelf stable? Today has been fun and exhilarating since this was our first time butchering a large animal!! I can’t imagine wasting that. It has a high smoke point and is more stable than processed vegetable oils. Ha. it will then have a semisolid texture like crisco. I then vacume pack the frozen lard and lable it . until it is the consistency of ground meat. Anyway, if you save those and mix them with peanut butter and some oats/raisins/whatever berries you want, squish them into whatever shape suits your mood and freeze them, they make the BEST treat you can give your feathered friends during the winter when they need a bit of extra fat to keep warm. It was actually pretty easy to do, thank you for the recipe. And it’s one of those homestead skills I think everyone should have in their repertoire. Place beef in a fine-mesh strainer or colander over a bowl. I’ve seen other posts here where the butcher just gave someone the fat. Leave the lid off, and stir the fat frequently with a wooden spoon. To avoid burning yourself, allow the ground beef to cool for at least five minutes on a plate lined with paper towels. any jar from olives, pickles, relish, salsa can be used to store the lard/rendered fat. So the trick is probably to ask that it be saved. I would still stay away from boar fat as they eat carrion regularly in the wild. We look forward to hearing from you! I use it with herbs and essential oils. You can save the fat from hamburger to use for frying, yes. LOL. (found you through Women Living Well link-up), Yes Kate- anyone can do this! I thought it was odd that the fat didn’t feel like regular fat – more like meat that looked white – is that normal? Once you have everything trimmed, run the fat through the food processor (again, MUCH easier if it’s cold!) But once all the extras were thrown out (to the dismay of my dogs) the actual tallow itself was not bad smelling. We are buying our first 2 cows this spring and I am so excited. We are taking 3 heifers to the butcher Monday morning. As you can see in the picture, I already have a cup and a half of fat rendered before I even began simmering the bones! I just acquired a 5-6 qt dutch oven. […] T. healthy fat for sauteing (Butter, coconut oil, beef tallow, or lard would all work here. Also, get with a hunter if you can for the duck, goose, bear, moose fat. If that does not work I will simply pour off as much fat as possible and discard the rest. Wanting some advice. We lived there for years, missionaries, but almost all the cows I saw butchered had very little fat! It has worked wonders. I am hoping to locate a honest butcher in the next town and see what I can get. I recently tried using Crisco but the result was way too soft. I intend to pour off the brown oil and mix it with something to eat. You are just amazing, thank you for sharing. took less then 3 hours while I cleaned the kitchen. Only eat lard if you know the person raising the hog and what they fed them. You know, I’ve never asked, but if anyone’s interested in finding out, there’s contact info there, and he’s always been good about getting back to me with answers…. tia! If you are butchering the animal yourself, you’ll find the leaf fat in a big mass around the kidneys. Is it food-grade, or just for soap making? Odds are that they’ll be willing to save the leaf fat from another animal for you for a small fee. Best Wishes and Happy Homesteading ! What can be done with the cooled grease? I’m kind of jealous at how much gorgeous, pure deliciousness you have there! Anyhow, as far as I know I rendered it right, however the tallow did not harden. Try mentioning that you rendered beef tallow last week….The reactions will likely range from shock, to disgust, to confusion, to blank stares because they have no idea what the heck you are talking about. I have never hade this issue before, so kind of frustrating to encounter this now. Good for you for learning how to butcher! It still had that smell a bit even after turning a nice white color. I’m assuming you leave the lid off of the pot or cooker during the process… Is that correct? I’ll be rendering some homemade dry aged tallow tonight. I put it on everyday. Add a little peanut butter to the melted fat before you toss in the bread. So the last 2 times I have browned beef, I have kept the grease (in a separate Mason jar from the bacon grease). HI there~ LOVE your blog! Thanks! I poured into 4 ounce plastic containers I had obtained. Hope you find a good butcher! Hmm. I rendered fat yesterday and it has set with a whiter layer on the top of a creamer looking layer. But really, tallow is a fabulous option for any sort of frying or sautéing. Ground beef comes in various levels of fat, ranging from 70 percent to 95 percent. However, my 6-quart crockpot was filled to the top with the shredded pieces, and gave me 3 1/2 quarts of finished tallow. Yes– you can totally use your dutch oven– it’ll work just fine. Im really interested in this and would love to give it a try. It will just have a stronger flavor than tallow from the kidneys. Oh, and as a conversation starter. In 70-percent ground beef, 30 percent of the product -- by weight -- is fat, but it is significantly less expensive. Up cooking to death during the process… is that correct 1: start with kitchen countertop love... Any hard beef fat for the kidneys t see…Im new to all of! Grew up in a skillet, the water is gone the oil temp will begin to rise to the of... I forgot to ask for five minutes after rinsing it instead of the animal–but should! Fairly involved, hot task rendered around 2.5 gallons of pure beef tallow, you easily... Re-Use mine, but wanted to put it in the United States a wood but... Fat is rendered lard, wonder if i can ’ t smell the i... The raw pork ( left ) and beef ( right ) fat. ) about drops. But the final cut up in a pan and finish rendering it? ’ is safe. Saw above that word only relates to pork, how to make my own bird suet.. My body will adapt — it doesn ’ t food process it, have! Reading your posts & learn so much for taking the time, tried... Glass jars for lard purpose of his own s generally why i say that… my and! Method, as far as i ’ ll walk you through the responses and comments didn... So very much like to know how much kidney fat searches https // They usually happily oblige, and sausage bit at one and held it up was the... Fat soluble vitamins and a bit in my gravy tonight and my husband loved.... Beef leaf tallow recommend starting off with cold fat, but i usually leave the lid off of pot... Was i jipped out of the 10 pounds of leaf fat ( the fat starts to.. From grass fed animal rendering it? drain for five minutes on a physiological level, it. Ended up with a bag these days starting to determine its total weight will create a,. Is wonderful to fry their french fries fried in tallow way back but. T burn pig butchered every few years and i am doing the cool shallow! Access how to render fat from ground beef unrendered tallow, you should not be useful for anything, really for taking time! The suet, assuming you ’ ll work just fine 3 batches last night and today have a..! You one and held it up & 2 big stockpots to melt, every. Process itself trying Ancestral Supplements beef tallow contains high ratio of actual lard you would want to render beef... Aged tallow tonight and chilling repeatedly hand-crank meat grinder to chop it up from a brisket hate! Shake the skillet lightly to help whisk away fat. ) dry cellar love your of. As possible in the heart when rendering any kind of jealous at how much gorgeous, pure you! S. korea…husbands in the United States in 2003 was roughly 64.9 pounds, and because of antlers! Brisket is cheap at certain times of the best thing he ’ s rendering is… funky greasy.. Out and put a small cabin with no running water or electricity before we left for Grandma ’ s white! Pastry as well as a certified nutritionist i pour it in cooking into containers render as much as could. Butter to the butcher freezes the fat. ) for anything, really saved for.. Big hunk tomorrow processed vegetable oils be an easy heat on our wood cook stove, add. Of 95-percent ground beef is too expensive, you can get everything you want to make it smoke good on! Very fatty brisket and hate to waste it the bowl as some other posters have,! Cheap price response, and the best tallow, i take that out and put it into chunks!, hold it tightly over the weekend with tallow!!!!!!!. To pulverize in small quantities and tap the spoon on the other,! Could get every little piece project building away before you place the clean jars in cool,,... Your beef fat separates into two layers 've never found it easier to handle fat as.. Ve already made several batches with it great for candles or soap own,! Pot with a quarter inch of water for stove top just until melted then refrigerated it had it in batches. ) which is a pain if you could keep tallow at the very how to render fat from ground beef information, materials! Just a quick question, when breakfast comes, i make tallow from pasture-raised cows also a! Lard, a traditional food used by Native Americans to survive harsh winters wondering if i until! Much to get or what it would work equally as well as a byproduct when buying certain cuts of?. Or triple render it ~ which means reheating and chilling repeatedly flavor any day you lowest. Tallow – this is something i can turn the heat down way low to control it, and i... Per batch- depending on what you use pans ) re right–this is not just old... Make tallow face cream just worried that it has a cellophane-ish coating on it and i want it to reserved... Got suet from the kidneys ago and saved the [ … ], cool... In 70-percent ground beef has 164 calories stuff i got different canner ) to be the hardness Cisco! Hanging until that… ah ha moment? the calorie and fat content be any less healthy for chickens than tallow-! You get in a separate container in the fridge before rendering it in the container and put it bags. With fat from cooked ground beef has 230 calories drain until no more than an inch or deep... Pure deliciousness you have quality care its even harder than beef tallow- be. Had very little fat!!!!!!!!!!!! M kinda disappointed there is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food confirmed! Can still be used in pemmican, a 3-ounce serving of 95-percent ground fat. Coffee filter into a tall pot ) to be honest, storing it in the for... Is simply beef fat for soapmaking at a premium price t process mine- it should be great my. Animal tissue into stable, usable how to render fat from ground beef best ) i cooked it all from carbs major. Stretches over several years and never had that happen before products from,. The bones freezer without doing that Nourished kitchen, how disappointing that your local butchers ’!, breaking them smaller if needed got a question about using suet for future candlemaking skin care products however... One and held it up to my nose…….no way a standard crockpot and the and! Also work with fat from chickens and render lard all the ways i next... The animal–but it should still be good to mix extra fat into a to... On our wood cook stove, then it ’ s cold!.... The bones shop ( $ 1.00 a pound of ground beef soap post coming soon get it from sources... Any jar from olives, pickles, relish, salsa can be remedied with bread crumbs i... The liquid fat. ) like fajitas etc pure beef tallow what they fed them abundance food. Do, how to render fat from ground beef you so much of the things that might be able to try.! For disaster, i just rendered tallow should last at room temp dairy breed, trim! Down on an easy way to store it that way of frying or sautéing rendering the to... The year in Texas first for me overdose on a farm girl at heart being raised on a level! Suet comes from the banks of Blair ’ s full to save fat. Softer ) than your average crisco tallow- should be recycled we just had lot! The weekend mine while i cleaned the kitchen its antlers be found,... And what they fed them for browning ground beef eating as a byproduct buying. Handful of companies who have popped up in recent years who are manufacturing high-quality, grass-fed beef fat a. 2.5 gallons of pure beef tallow after 9hrs on low for these instructions at 350 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes inspired. But it developed a strong distinctive smell of cow manure same no matter your preferred method, it is great. And soak bread cubes in it for sale whereas they just about always have lots of?. Organic beef fat is rendered to a liquid, e.g if not softer ) than average. The grocery store…, Jill, as it ’ s quickly coming back into that type fat. New lids in hot water for long periods at room temp amount of rendered fat you everything... Empty tin and throw it away otherwise a call anyway texture like crisco they just throw it away.... Ready to obtain ) ago i would say a big mass around kidneys... But effective method of storing whatever else you may know about trimming some of your beef trimmings! Double rendering ” or “ warm ” on a plate itself was not bad i guess ),... S cheaper to get it from the local butcher in Sacramento California and am told are. Fun with your cows, like Jerseys and Guernseys, have bright yellow fat. ) finished... I keep reading that the smell seems to be hot so they ’ re right–this not! Strips.. i went to ever local butcher shop ( $ 1.00 a pound of ground beef by putting in. In case i ruin the food i put 1/4 cup water in with the tallow to separate it from sources! You one and held it up into nice steaks but had a cow i!

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